Essentials: Foundation

Complextion Perfection-This is a long one. but flawless skin and to build your kit takes a while.

I am actually so tired of lugging around a kit of makeup and hair tools and now fake hair to boot. It is part of my job though, I can complain all I want, and wait for the bright sunny day when it will all go away-IT WON'T.

My complexion kit has to:

A: Be light in Weight

B: Be Versatile

C: Be  in a wide range of colors.

Stila CC Cream, a staple in my kit I have fair , tone 3  and tone 4.                               why: its a corrective light weight, product that I sometimes use on the hands when doing a beauty shot to correct redness or on men's chest and bodies to razor burn. Sometimes this is all I use with a concealer to give me flawless skin.

Yaby has liquid foundation that seems to never run out, my favorite shade is buff. A buildable light weight, non touch up formula.Buff seems to be the color most of my clients are.                                                                                               Yaby also sells their tubes empty so you can fill from your heavy glass jars, I fill mine with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk 4 and 5.5, OHHHH their is a little ball inside to even help you mix-it's genius. THIS IS THE GREATEST TRAVEL ACCESSORY- IT WEIGHS SO LITTLE.

Bobbi Brow Corrector: I carry Light Bisque and Bisque, they seem too cover the best amount of blue for me and it is so emollient I don't have to work so hard to use it.

Evelyn Iona Cream Camouflage concealer 100% Natural and 88% Organic, is also super easy to use, blend-ability is made easier with Jojoba and it nourishes the skin while brightening. It is my wake up makeup .

Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish my best friend had this so I tried it and fell in love and gave it to me as an early Christmas gift, this magical blurring powder in the bomb. I think it gives me magazine cover quality skin with out ever looking like I have powder on. BONUS-it has SPF and it last on my skin all day with out primer.

Giorgio Armani Loose Powder- I have shade 0. This is the powder I use on everyone that I set, and it is going to be the ultimate setting colorless setting powder. I Feel like most powders make your skin dull, this doesn't. It helps you control your shine with out making you look gross and flat.

My Custom Pallete: In the image you can see that I have built my own, I used the Monda Studios one and it fits so so so many colors-Its been 9 months and I have yet to replace a color. On one side is my favorite shades, that other is my just in case shades-ONLY CON is they need to have replacement sheets and the divider needs to be better-IT squishes in the middle weird and can get mucky. I fill it with my cream color favorites like: Kryolan, Tom Ford, Nars Multipples, Cle De Peau concealer.

This all maybe weighs 2.5 lbs.

READY SET-Build you kit.