I didn't really know how I should introduce this blog. 

Other than those who know me, I am not much as an open book as I or others think I am.

So this is me, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, selfies and everything. 

Of the many posts, that I had pre-written I was thinking "hmmm which one is my pilot? who do I send out first?" I just couldn't pick. I guess it was my revelation at 3:57 AM a day before I had to release this.

I know that this blog will be my thoughts on products, things that have stopped me which in the end have only progressed me and things that have given my tremendous progress. I know that I will be honest and that I will be my self.-What ever self that maybe (eh hem! with or with out kit kat bars), also expect a vlog coming soon.

So While I introduce you to my blog, Ill open you up a little about me and include some photos along my journey this year.

I am a Son, a brother a Cousin, an Uncle, an Aunt and a Sister to some (lol) a Best Friend, an Acquaintance I don't think an Enemy, but yes to a Confident. I am a makeup artist and hair stylist and a dreamer and a goal-getter.

I have traveled the past two years in and out of Toronto, New York and Now London pursuing my dreams of makeup artistry and session styling. I can't really give anyone advice as to where to start-except JUST START. Go! NOW! It has been frustrating, I have quit a million times and I have most likely spent every dollar I have on this industry-but right now its OK, because I will achieve my goals.

In this quick intro- I will not include photos of my family, Its just not what I do. I love them so much-but this is about me and my other heart and soul.

so let me take you on my photo journey, through out 2014. Sorry Anna Wintour, but Journey was the right word.

Come back tomorow where the real fun begins