I have said it over and over again. Maybe not on here but I most likely will. I need products that do more than just one thing, or at least not limited too.

Here are my two favorite multitaskers-I RELY ON THESE BAD BOYS

yeah this needs a photo this big-cause it is that good

yeah this needs a photo this big-cause it is that good

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream: Elizabeth Arden may be the brand that you associate your Grandma with. Well, good. Always listen to your Elders. This cream, which I carry in unscented but also comes in scented and in a variety of styles like a lip balm is more like the texture of a thick jelly. Some people including my self hate the scent, but most people like all my other friends love the soothing herbal scent. 

A: I use it as a barrier and a moisturizer- skin is dry? using a thick maybe staining product?  Its got you covered.

B: safe for children-honest to goodness a sales lady showed me before and afters of her son with super dry dry dry (like peeling, bleeding, flaking) skin and in the afters it was like he was another child.

C: I use it as makeup want glowing skin? ANYWHERE? yup, eyes, lips, hands, body this does it all.

I dont remeber the store-OOOPS!

But the brand is called Fable-I had to have something and it was going to be a candle but they only had big ones-not fun for traveling artists like me.

So I looked at skin care and this mint scented balm jumped out at me and the gorgeous sales girl said "omg, you can use that every where"

I believed her, I bought it cracked it open-piled it on my lips elbows and cheeks-it was so dry that day. Flo did the same-minutes later I looked in mirror thinking Oh my goodness I am going to be greasy. NOPE. I was hydrated and my skin looked pretty. This little tin of heaven has calendula in it so helps with flare ups too. Its been 9 months-I keep it beside my bed and do my arms and lips and knees and elbows and and and and-------the and list goes on, and I still have the same tin. This Natural skin care tool also lives in my makeup kit.